Quality photography is paramount for making a good first impression. Now more than ever, nearly all people looking to buy a home begin their search online. Hiring a professional photographer should be at the top of your marketing plan whether you're a real estate agent, home owner, stager, or a builder. I tailor my shooting style to my clients' needs.

Home Photography session

• 25+ clean, sharp images

• 24-48 hour delivery turnaround via Dropbox or WeTransfer

• Extensive post production in Photoshop for polished photos

• High resolution files for print & other marketing materials


Exterior twilight shoot

• 1-2 meticulously planned exterior shots at dusk


What to expect during your shoot

When I arrive, I show up with my bag of tricks- camera, tripod, assorted lenses, soft box, lights, and stands. I typically shoot with a wide angle lens as it’s the most requested to show everything inside a room from one angle. Occasionally my clients ask for tighter shots (giving a room more of a magazine look) so I always do my best to accommodate special requests. If you've got something in mind, let me know ahead of time. 

A typical shoot for a 2,500 square foot home will take me about two hours from start to finish. I work best when I can focus all of my attention on getting my lighting set correctly. My shooting style requires my full attention. I set my camera on the tripod and light various parts of each room. It’s important that nothing is moved in the scene so that later when editing, I can hand-blend the best lit pieces of each shot to create the final image. A lot of work goes into each camera angle.


How you can ensure the home is photo-ready

  • Park vehicles in the garage or away from the front of the house

  • Remove boat trailers, RVs, and campers

  • Hide garbage and recycling bins

  • Turn on all interior lights including bedside lamps

  • Turn off all ceiling fans and televisions

  • Remove clutter including things on the refrigerator

  • Make beds and close toilet lids

  • Clean mirrors

  • Replace burned out light bulbs

  • Remove shower products

  • Remove or open hurricane shutters

  • Clean windows

  • Hide pet furniture, crates, and food dishes

  • Stow away high chairs and children’s toys (to the best of your ability)

  • Mow and edge yard

  • Delay automatic sprinklers if they are set to be on during your appointment